About Me 

I first started experimenting with the world of 3D creation with some simple models during my first year at college. This drove me to switch courses to Game Development UAL Diploma Level 3, specialising in 3D art before I got into the University of Chichester's 3D animation and VFX course, where I learnt more about 3D generalism and had my first experience with Motion Capture. After nearly three years of studying, I have had the chance to push myself to put together some amazing work and meet great people.

I have worked on many motion capture shoots for my fellow university peers including 'A Couple of 'Bots' and 'Pole Passion'. I took part in these shoots working as a Motion Capture technician, helping set up and operating the volume and Motion Capture suits. 

I have worked on shoots with the characters interacting with the environment, items and with each other. For my FMP, I set up the volume, created a layout with tape as reference for the actor, made the shooting plan and reference for the actor, as well as suiting up the actor and calibrating them into the system. I found myself using a rubber duck as a replacement for the snow globe in that animation. This helped us establish an eyeline for the actor, as well as giving the movement weight and believability. 

For my work on 'A Couple of 'Bots', I helped my fellow classmate to capture the Motion Capture that they needed for their FMP. This included shots of characters walking and interacting with each other in dialogue scenes, as well as sitting next to each other and once again using a rubber duck as a stand in for a Game Boy. For the set itself, I operated the Motion Capture equipment, rigged and calibrated the suits, along with troubleshooting prop and eyeline issues.

Finally, on 'Pole Passion', I helped work the volume and suits with the added challenge of an exercise pole in the middle of the set. This did pose some difficulties, including having to take it down to recalibrate due to it interfering with the cameras, as it blocked some of them. I also ran the cameras on set during filming for my classmates.